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Thirteen years ago, our Creative Director, Kate Margolis, had the opportunity to venture out into the creative world developing her own company. RDD was born. Armed with a G4 powerbook and a sketch pad she worked alongside companies such as BMW, MINI, Channel 4 and Diesel. This began to build and create the reputation that RDD still holds today, attracting the attention of Universal Music and Audi.

With an exceptionally talented and reliable team of designers, developers and industry specialists RDD was complete and ready for another design take over. Take a look at the most recent PDF portfolio of work.

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We are creative through and through. We live and breathe design. Our collective experience over digital,print, advertising and marketing means that we can offer you a complete service. Whether you are looking to design an app or a website, build a brand or get excited with print, we have the solution available.


Once our design team have conceptualised the look and feel of your project, if it requires development, look no further. We have a team of strong developers that specialise in apps, websites, platforms, software development and much more. This team, can bring anything to life.


Our photographers are some of the best in the industry, from stock shots to fashion. We have worked with these photographers for years building a collaborative approach to produce the desired vision. In addition, we are pleased to offer fantastic illustrators and videographers, if required.


We love to win awards for the amazing work that we do. Whether design awards and client awards. We make sure that you are the best in your industry and we are on top of our design game! We have collectively won awards scaling from D&AD Pencils, The Webby Awards and RSA recognition awards and most recently a YunoJuno Award.

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Each project that comes into the studio at RDD is an opportunity to design amazing work that connects with the intended audience. Every mark, line and letter has a purpose! Each individual element of design is necessary. Every website and application is considered. Our services cover all stages of the design process from our initial meeting to a beautifully managed end product.

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‘’While my expectations were high, Kate exceeded them constantly.’’

- Tim Caynes, Principal Designer, Foolproof

‘’Kate has been a revelation for our company.’’

- Claire Jarvis, GM, HubBox

"An incredible asset to any team, both established and new."

- Mitchell Mark, CCO, nez

‘’Having worked with Kate in previous roles I was thrilled to be able to bring her in on a project at Plumen. In my experience she is always quick to pick up the essence of a brand and has superb attention to detail.‘’

- Kate MacKnight, Head of Marketing, Plumen


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